Thursday, September 13, 2007

Trying an Aussie site

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Well, I've finally managed to upload two pendants on Madeit

It was a damned sight more difficult than Etsy, and I wish my sales would take off there, but I'm looking into other avenues closer to home ( is an Aussie site). But the sheer painfulness of putting items up on madeit will keep me faithful to my first love Etsy! Plus I lost $3 listing fee because I put in $446 instead of $46 as the sale price, and the site DOESN'T LET YOU EDIT IT! That's right, and you can't edit your categories either. Hmmm.

I love you Etsy! Now make me rich, damn you!

Here are the two pendants that I put up on


Robin said...

TAG! You're IT, my fellow etsian!

See my blog for details...

Nora said...

Beautiful pendants!

Rachel said...

Your wire work is so beautiful. Good luck on etsy! If it makes you feel any better my store is slow too, luckily I sell lots on my own.

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