Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Tuesday, September 4, 2007
We have bird feeder out on the deck and we put seed out for the native birds. But this weekend............dah, dah daaaaaaaah.......... it was a little TOO exciting!

First one sulphur-crested cockatoo came and squawked a little, so we put some seed out.

Then another came...........

And another (this cheeky beggar appeared upside-down from the roof!)........not that we couldn't hear him coming - clunk, clunk, clunk, clunk - not the daintiest of birds. No, we don't have to be dainty, we've got beaks that'll take your finger off. Just try us! Go on, wave your finger at us and say 'Pretty Polly'!
We're wishing that we'd reinforced the chains that hold the birdfeeder to the deck.


But this is not the end of it......oh no! Now the whole flock arrives! Quick, put out some more seed before they eat the deck (or the camera-wielder)! Cockatoos are reknowned for stripping wood in no time flat!

Even the cats didn't stick around after the first two arrived. Ran away to hide under the bed. And you said they don't have any brains, Mum! HAH!

At one point, there were 12 cockatoos fighting for seed on the deck. I must say that I prefer to see them ONE AT A TIME. From behind a screen door. Or from under the bed with the cats.


The Creative Corner said...

MGO! that's incredible! I've never seen wild cockatoos before. You got some great shots!

Morrgan said...

Hahaha, exciting times! What a great set of photos.

Around here we only have squirrels to worry about and they will fortunately leave fingers alone. ;)

Sam said...

Wild cackatoos! That is too cool.

I tried catching a picture of a squirrel out my window yesterday, but he was cleverer than I.

Jenn Maruska said...

Wow! Those are GREAT photos! Very cool : )

SylviaV said...

Awesome photos!

We had a feeder on a high tree stump- the cats absolutely loved watching it (from inside, of course).

The cockatoos are so darn noisy!

And then we had wars between the cockatoos, the galahs, the lorikeets, and the local flock of pigeons- you may need a larger feeder ;-)

Ashe-Villain said...

amazing. you are so lucky. i can't even imagine being as privileged as you are to have these lovelies in your yard!!! (around here they cost a couple grand a piece) :-)
Great photos, btw.

Wolf said...

Wow, just wow.}:P

ccdesign said...

That is soo cool to see those beautiful cockatoos visiting your home. Awesome photo.

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