Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hey I've been featured! And customs took my soap :(

Thursday, August 30, 2007
It's always exciting when someone else decides to promote your work! Killer krafts is featuring my multi-coloured jade bracelet on her blog! Check it out!

Now onto customs. I know they protect our borders and everything but I'm very cross because they decided that they wanted my beautiful soap that I had ordered from soap. I only got 4 of my 7 soaps that I had bought, so the transaction has ended up not as good value, but of course that's not soap's fault! Mind you, if I'm willing to wait 60 days and fork out $43.50, I can have my taken soaps back. I'm sure it doesn't cost that much to nuke a soap! Extortionist bastards!

Oh well, at least my 'stroke me' bar of soap, which is my absolute-would-pay-the-extortionist-quarantine-fee-to-get-it-back-favourite! Small mercies, right? *sniff*

I want my soap. I feel unclean without it.


KiWi said...

that's insane!

Sweet Spice said...

that totally sucks, I'm sorry you lost some of your soap =o(

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