Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Peachy-orangy lace

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My latest pendant is made of Java Lace Agate from Queensland, Australia and is wrapped is sterling silver. This cab is a lovely, lovely colour, unlike any that I've seen from Indonesia, and the sealed pocket of quartz crystals just makes it that bit more special.

I find this design so much more difficult to balance up around the stone than I do the cage technique. I tend to waste A LOT of silver each time I try this design because when it doesn't work, I snip it off and start afresh and the old wire goes in the bin (oh that hurts to say - all that precious metal down the drain). But it was worth it, I think!


fernfiddlehead said...

So very pretty. I love the way the pendant is wrapped in the silver. Iis there some way to recycle that silver that you throw away??

Amanda said...

this is gorgeous! i love it!

Sweet Spice said...

that is beautiful!!!! so talented =o)


rocknwrap said...

fernfiddlehead, I don't know! I know that the gold in the gold-filled wire that I use can be traded in for more wire but I'm not really sure about sterling!

papernclay said...

you do lovely work. I especially like this one!!

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