Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mammoth effort

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Well, due to a paltry amount of rain, my garden has put out a mammoth effort and Spring has sprung!

The hippeastrums have new growth and flower spikes. I thought we were going to miss out this year.
The walking lillies are flowering in abundance. Their flowers only last one day, so I've got to get out each day to catch them.The bromeliads actually have water in their core. And teeny tiny flower buds ready to rise.The worms are munching their little butts off in the worm farm.Mr Frog is keeping a close eye on the garlic chives, which are green instead of wilty and pale.And his little monster (I think it's a spider, I wasn't going to poke it to find out, it's fierce-looking) has taken up residence in the roses. Rain makes everything good.

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created by Kylie said...

Walking Lilies, is that the common name? I thought they were called native lilies until went to post about my one day flowers on my blog. When I went to find some info to link to I couldn’t find anything. A friend posted the technical name in a comment for me. Mine flowered on an off for months this year an absolute first – normally we only get one day of flowering.

rocknwrap said...

They're actually called walking irises, had a bit of a brain explosion there!

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