Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just can't seem to focus!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
With the Brisstyle Indie Designer's Market coming up in a week and a half, I should be building up my regular stock, right? But nooooooo, now is the time that I decide to experiment. So contrary is my creating mojo. I also want to make sock monkeys. The days are too short.

I finally got a ring mandrel, so I just HAD to try out a ring.......
And some hooped earrings...................... put some of those littler stone beads to good use!

Facetted garnets

And my first ever facetted stone pendant. 10ct of ametrine. I'm pretty darn proud of my claws. Even managed to get them even, what a miracle!

Well, perhaps tomorrow I'll get back to my pendants. There's this new ornate ring idea I have though.............


Sandrine said...

I think it is quite a nice out of focus moment, your new creations look fabulous!:)

rocknwrap said...

Thanks Sandrine, I'm enjoying creating them! Gosh, when are we going to be granted more hours in the day?

created by Kylie said...

Sock monkeys…. I seem to remember you teasing your Handmade Expo neighbour about lack of focus and saying I would be on a sock monkey kick next. I didn’t know you were really reflecting your crafting attention deficit disorder!!! Thanks for making a long hot day at the Expo friendly and enjoyable. I shall be doing the Expo this Saturday, perhaps we will be neighbours again.
ps the bead making lady I told you about is Jet beads in Yamanto.
Hope to see you on the weekend.

rocknwrap said...

It takes one with lack of focus to recognise a peer ;D

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