Thursday, October 25, 2007

Prehistoric cuteness

Thursday, October 25, 2007
I'm trying my hand at squishy dinosaurs. Don't know if there'd be a market for them, just thought I'd try them out for fun - I know, got to get a life! What do you think? They're about as far from my wirewrapped pendants as you can get!


Emily said...

I think he is really cute! The fabric for his body looks like scales. :)

art4friends said...

dinosaurs are my favourite animals!

haha this one is just so cute!

Dara said...

What a wonderful dinosaur. Something i have noticed with all kids (regardless of gender) about the age of 5 they get very into the idea of dinosaurs. obviously some more than others. my little girl is just becoming curious about the whole concept. Amazing. There HAS to be a market for imaginative, creative, well crafted dinosaurs. well really imagination is what dinosaurs are all about! Maybe approach some educational childrens stores, or bookshops that need displays...Good luck :)

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